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Stinging Needles
Roll in a patch of stinging nettle and you'll think it's a spelling mistake. Nettle's stinging needles, as whispy as whiskers, are hollow and filled with formic acid which can cause burning, even blistering. Though aboriginal medicinal uses were various the principle technological use was as a source of hemp-like fiber for making thread and string. Stalks were picked late in the year when prickles had largely dropped off. Fibers were separated by rubbing or beating and then spun into thin threads. Those in turn could be braided to form thicker, stronger twine for weaving fine cloth, making fish nets and fishing line and, rarely, string bikinis.
Illustration by Manami Kimura
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These treks take over where the day hikes leave off. The Backpacking section of BC Car-Free details 9 major multi-day excursions with a number of variations. Included are three important coastal hikes along Vancouver Island's Pacific Rim and, for the first time in print anywhere, the entire Sunshine Coast Trail: all 175 km of it!
1 Backpacking Checklist Brian Grover 7771
2 Garibaldi Park: Access Brian Grover 4868
3 Garibaldi Park: Garibaldi Lake Brian Grover 16380
4 Garibaldi Park: Black Tusk Brian Grover 6837
5 Garibaldi Park: Panorama Ridge Brian Grover 6109
6 Garibaldi Park: Singing Pass Loop Brian Grover 10668
7 Henrietta Lake Brian Grover 11329
8 Sunshine Coast Trail Brian Grover 8089
9 Sunshine Coast Trail Stage 1: Sarah Point to Malaspina Road Brian Grover 14763
10 Sunshine Coast Trail Stage 2: Malaspina Road to Powell Lake Brian Grover 7226
11 Sunshine Coast Trail Stage 3: Powell Lake to Fiddlehead Farm Brian Grover 8418
12 Sunshine Coast Trail-Stage 4: Fiddlehead Farm to Lois River Brian Grover 6856
13 Sunshine Coast Trail-Stage 5: Lois Dam to Saltery Bay Brian Grover 6355
14 Stein River Valley Brian Grover 6952
15 Stein River Valley-Stein Lower Canyon to Mid-Valley Brian Grover 12926
16 Nicomen Lake Brian Grover 9024
17 Juan De Fuca Marine Trail Brian Grover 13854
18 The West Coast Trail- Introduction Brian Grover 14379
19 The West Coast Trail- Day One Brian Grover 6084
20 The West Coast Trail-Day Two Brian Grover 5583
21 The West Coast Trail-Day Three Brian Grover 6908
22 The West Coast Trail-Day Four Brian Grover 4841
23 The West Coast Trail-Day Five Brian Grover 6208
24 The West Coast Trail- Day Six Brian Grover 5122
25 The Mid-Coast Trail Brian Grover 14397
26 Stein Valley Mini-Traverse Brian Grover 9212

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