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Dentalia Shells
These thin, tubular mollusks formed the currency of commerce throughout the Pacific Northwest as long as 3000 years ago. Pre-European civilization is often considered a barter economy, with, for instance, coastal tribes swapping oolichan grease directly for prized Oregon obsidian. Commodity traders, however, could rely on this wampum to close a transaction when interest in the goods was decidedly one-sided. Called hykwa in Chinook jargon, dentalia shells possessed all the necessary attributes of money, being portable, recognizable and durable but rare and desirable enough to foster trade. Being available in a variety of sizes, the tusk-like shells were even divisible into small change. Professional traders are known to have tattooed measuring lines on their forearms as a handy calculator of individual shell values. Only a handful of groups, including the Nuu-chah-nulth in the vicinity of Tofino, possessed dentalia in quantities sufficient enough to make them wealthy. Harvesting the deep water mollusks was no easy undertaking however. From a dugout canoe a long, broom-like apparatus was thrust straight down into the muddy sea bottom then retrieved. With any luck a shell or two would be trapped amongst the stiff twigs at the end of the handle. Dentalia were also ostentatiously displayed as symbols of wealth and power in the form of body adornments. Perhaps most recognizable are the breast plates invariably worn by cheesy Hollywood Indians.
Illustration by Manami Kimura
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For the day hiker with bus fare you'll find a double dozen destinations in coastal British Columbia. The Day Hiking section features a range of levels from easy to demanding in both urban and wilderness settings. The hikes featured in BC Car-Free: Exploring Southwestern British Columbia Without a Car are as close as North Vancouver and as far away as the Whistler - Squamish corridor and the Gulf Islands.

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Lighthouse Park with Mount Gardner on Bowen Island in the background bristling with telecommunications hardware.
Lighthouse Park with Mount Gardner on Bowen Island in background.

Novices will appreciate the handy hiking checklist that opens the hiking section. Complete bus and ferry schedule information is included, making BC Car-Free an ideal resource for newcomers and visitors from out-of-town who want to sample some of British Columbia's legendary wilderness.

1 Hiking Checklist Brian Grover 5442
2 Lighthouse Park Brian Grover 6782
3 Capilano Canyon Brian Grover 8735
4 Bowen Island: Dorman Point Trail Brian Grover 19225
5 Bowen Island: Intro and Access Brian Grover 6751
6 Bowen Island: Killarney Lake Brian Grover 10649
7 Buntzen Lake: Lindsay Lake Loop Brian Grover 7351
8 Bowen Island: Mount Gardner Trail Brian Grover 14998
9 Buntzen Lake: Energy Trail Brian Grover 4195
10 Buntzen Lake Trail Brian Grover 5971
11 Buntzen Lake: Diez Vistas Trail Brian Grover 6398
12 Gambier Island: Gambier Lake Brian Grover 12862
13 Gambier Island: West Bay Amble Brian Grover 6882
14 Buntzen Lake: Swan Falls Loop Brian Grover 6733
15 Buntzen Lake: Dilly Dally Loop Brian Grover 6940
16 Buntzen Lake: Lakeview Trail Brian Grover 5015
17 Buntzen Lake: Academy Trail Brian Grover 5117
18 Old Buntzen Lake Trail Brian Grover 4764
19 Buntzen Lake: Miscellaneous Brian Grover 3565
20 Lynn Headwaters: Access & Map Brian Grover 5666
21 Rice Lake Brian Grover 5578
22 Lynn Loop Brian Grover 5581
23 Norvan Falls Brian Grover 5759
24 Lynn Headwaters and Grouse Mountain Brian Grover 6098
25 Lynn Peak Brian Grover 4226
26 Mosquito Creek Brian Grover 5473
27 Mount Fromme Brian Grover 10793
28 Baden-Powell Centennial Trail Brian Grover 33678
29 Baden-Powell Centennial Trail: Horseshoe Bay to Cypress Provincial Park Brian Grover 24643
30 Baden-Powell Centennial Trail:Cypress Provincial Park to British Properties Brian Grover 11177
31 Baden-Powell Centennial Trail:British Properties to Grouse Mountain Brian Grover 14807
32 Baden-Powell Centennial Trail:Grouse Mountain to Lynn Valley Road Brian Grover 11822
33 Baden-Powell Centennial Trail:Lynn Canyon to Hyannis Drive Brian Grover 8736
34 Baden-Powell Centennial Trail:Hyannis Drive to Deep Cove Brian Grover 10262
35 Deeks Bluffs Trail Brian Grover 6077
36 Deeks Lake Trail Brian Grover 10658
37 Phyllis Creek Brian Grover 8209
38 Mount Capilano Brian Grover 5854
39 Petgill Lake Brian Grover 5934
40 The Chief & Squaw Brian Grover 7373
41 Shannon Falls Brian Grover 5835
42 Cal-Cheak Trail Brian Grover 9189
43 Brew Lake Brian Grover 7443
44 Wedgemount Lake Brian Grover 5481
45 Buntzen Lake Introduction Brian Grover 5936

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