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Brian Grover Portfolio
This portfolio contains samples of design, writing and photography. Concepts, advertising slogans and other writing, implementation and photography are the work of Brian Grover. Other contributors are indicated where appropriate.

For a more comprehensive gallery of photographic work visit Brian Grover Photography.

For a somewhat meatier selection of straight up writing take a look at the samples here, here or here.


Speekeezy Publication Workshop
An entity dedicated to the development and publication of English Teaching Materials.
Infografx - Miscellaneous
A collection of infographics from hither and thither.
Hatfield Consultants
A wide range of corporate-style graphic output
BC Car-Free
An eco-friendly outdoor guidebook designed to facilitate recreation through the nexus of public transportation.
Binbo Hima Ari  Book Campaign
Ads to advertise advertising to advertisers
Binbo Hima Ari  Synergy Campaign
Introducing web/print synergy to potential advertisers.
BHA Cover Art
Survival guidebook for educational tourists from Japan visiting Canada
SpeakEasy Campaign
Ten advertisements designed to set SpeakEasy apart as a " Different Kind of School"
Medicine Hat College Campaign
A campaign designed to lure Japanese language learners away from the west coast of Canada.
Logo Design
A collection of logos
Third Party Advertisers
Odds and sods that stand out for one reason or another.
PREP Campaign
A campaign aimed at self-dissatisfaction.
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