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Medicine Hat College Campaign
  • date: 2006
  • client: Medicine Hat College
  • challenge: Far from market centres overseas and the ESL industry hub of Vancouver, Medicine Hat College was faced with the challenge of attracting Japanese students to little-known Alberta.
  • objective: To create interest in Medicine Hat College, Alberta as a viable alternative to student life in Vancouver. Targeting jaded international students in Vancouver, we used a two-pronged approach. First of all we emphasized the experiential aspect of "the heartland" as uniquely different from that of the west coast, highlighting the kinds of things that students tend brag about. Next we selectively reinforced the common complaints that Japanese students have of the west coast industry, buttressed with the claim that Medicine Hat should be seen as a refreshing alternative.
  • concept: Brian Grover
  • design: Brian Grover
  • writing: Brian Grover

Website: Medicine Hat College

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