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River Rafting
Sea Kayaking
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Gashes in the forest caused by fire, blowdown or human intrusion are quickly filled in by pioneer species such as fireweed or salal. Quick growing red alder and maple soon take over, being themselves supplanted in turn by Douglas fir once soil has stabilized. Eventually shade tolerant climax species such as western red cedar and western hemlock will come to dominate. The whole process can take centuries if not millennia. Immature fireweed plants can be cooked whole like broccoli while the young leaves can be used as salad greens. Fireweed is high in both beta-carotene and vitamin C. During pre-contact times fireweed seed fluffs found utility as pillow stuffing.
Illustration by Manami Kimura
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Have Bike, Will Travel. Explore ten unique landscapes by bicycle on both sides of the border in the San Juan Islands and Gulf Islands. Peddled out? Many of these rural roads can be explored on foot as well.
1 Cycle Touring Introduction Brian Grover 6384
2 Gabriola Island Brian Grover 36344
3 The Gulf Islands Galiano Island Brian Grover 18616
4 Galiano Island Hiking Trails - Bodega Ridge Brian Grover 7319
5 Galiano Island Hiking Trails - Bluffs Park Brian Grover 8536
6 Galiano Island Hiking Trails- Mount Galiano Brian Grover 20364
7 The Gulf Islands-Mayne Island Brian Grover 22523
8 The Gulf Islands- Pender Island Brian Grover 9980
9 The Gulf Islands - Saltspring Island Brian Grover 14017
10 The Gulf Islands-Saturna Island Brian Grover 25214
11 San Juan Islands - Introduction & Access Brian Grover 5422
12 San Juan Islands-Lopez Island Brian Grover 4203
13 San Juan Islands-Shaw Island Brian Grover 5986
14 San Juan Islands-Orcas Island Brian Grover 4467
15 San Juan Islands- San Juan Island Brian Grover 4582

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