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" Great book. Has a little bit of everything (places to hike, kayak, day tour, etc.), super informative and practical (conditions of camp sites, pubs to go to or avoid, etc.), and has awesome factoids about local flora/fauna and Aboriginal culture on the margins. Great for anyone interested in the BC outdoors! "
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Getting to Whistler E-mail
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Written by Brian Grover   
Monday, 28 May 2007 06:21
Recreational activities abound in the Sea to Sky corridor which extends from Horseshoe Bay to the Pemberton Valley. The cities of Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton are the best sources of services. At one end peaks rise straight out of the waters of Howe Sound. At the other end the fertile soil of the expansive, glacial Pemberton Valley is North America’s most important source of seed potatoes. In between the jagged, glacial-covered peaks of the Coast Range provide nearly limitless recreational opportunities extending literally from sea to sky.

Greyhound Canada
Route: Vancouver >> Squamish >> Whistler >> Pemberton and Return
Fare: Approximately $40 Return
Schedule: Typically runs at two-hour intervals starting at around 5 AM and continuing until 7 PM depending on the season. Visit the Greyhound website for exact schedule and fare information.
Website: Greyhound Canada

Pick up the Greyhound Canada bus to Whistler at Pacific Central Station near the Main Street SkyTrain station or at any bus stop along the north side of West Georgia Street including Granville, Burrard, Thurlow, Bute and Denman streets. Be prepared to flag down the bus when you see it approaching. Keep your cash handy in order to purchase a ticket from the driver on the spot. You will not be able to stow your backpack under the bus if you’re planning to get off between scheduled stops. Be sure to tell the driver exactly where you will be getting off to allow plenty of time to plan the unscheduled stop along the treacherous Sea to Sky Highway. The driver will not pull over unless it is safe to do so and many drivers will not let women off in remote locations if they are travelling on their own. Since hiking or backpacking alone is foolhardy at any rate this may not be such a bad policy. On the return, when catching the bus in the opposite direction, be sure to wait for the bus in a place with plenty of visibility and shoulders wide enough to safely pull over. Otherwise, the bus will breeze on by.

Perimeter's Whistler Express
Route: YVR [Vancouver International Airport >> Downtown Vancouver Hotels >> Squamish Adventure Centre [Limited Service]>> Whistler and Return
Fare: Approximately $70 One Way. Cyclists pay a $25 surcharge to transport bikes.
Schedule: Operates an express shuttle between YVR and Whistler Village 7 times daily in the summer starting at 9:30 AM with more frequent service during the winter snow season. Visit the Perimeter website for exact schedule and fare information.
Website: Perimeter Transportation

Unlike Greyhound, Perimeter buses will not make unscheduled stops. Not all buses pick up in downtown Vancouver nor do they all stop en route in Squamish. Pemberton is not serviced by Perimeter.

Route: Richmond >> Vancouver >> West Vancouver >> Whistler and Return
Fare: Approximately $20 One Way with discount lift and rental options available.
Schedule: Winter only service to Whistler catering to skiiers and boarders. Visit the Snowbus website for exact schedule and fare information.
Website: Snowbus

Party bus slightly cheaper than other options. At this time Snowbus is not really suited for any of the activities detailed in BC Car-Free.


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