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Photography Assignments
old-camera.png This series of photo assignments was prepared at the request of a former student, looking for direction during her initial forays into photography. As she had just bought a Nikon D40, the content is geared towards that equipment. Those with other setups will have to make adjustments accordingly.

For the most part, however, technical skills are de-emphasized and geek-speak is kept to a minimum in this series of tutorials. For many beginners, a preoccupation with ƒ-stops and shutter speeds and focal lengths can be a deadening turn off. For that reason, other, equally important abilities, such as observational skills, composition and lateral thinking are emphasized.

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# Article Title Author Hits
1 Shooting from the Hip Brian Grover 2293
2 Silhouettes Brian Grover 2424
3 A Portrait of the Artist Brian Grover 1754
4 Backlighting Brian Grover 2473
5 Motion Blur Brian Grover 1912
6 High Contrast Photography Brian Grover 1777
7 The Height of the Action Brian Grover 1708
8 Top-Down Brian Grover 1789
9 Reflected Light Brian Grover 1877
10 Three' s a Crowd Brian Grover 1816
11 Serendipity Brian Grover 1834
12 Rim Lighting Brian Grover 1830
13 Weather Effects Brian Grover 2014
14 The Big Event Brian Grover 1760
15 Close Cropping Brian Grover 2122
16 Bottoms Up Brian Grover 1858
17 Foto-Grafix in the Key of High and Low Brian Grover 2234
18 Starburst Brian Grover 1823
19 Signs of the Times Brian Grover 1849
20 Night Photography Brian Grover 1994
21 The Color Purple Brian Grover 2133
22 Bokeh Brian Grover 2099
23 A Shadow World Brian Grover 1692
24 Depth of Field Brian Grover 1968
25 The Rule of Thirds Brian Grover 1816
26 Parting Shot Brian Grover 2303

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