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Smashed Again
Thursday, 22 June 2006

Smashed Again


This is the second or third time that someone has smashed the elevator mirror at 1075 Jervis. Frankly it's hard to keep track. With so many discontented tenants both past and present it's hardly a wonder, however. The front door has been smashed at least 3 times, security cameras have been stolen twice as well and on several occaisions deliberate fires have been set, some quite serious. Though there is no excuse for vandalism many tenants understandably feel pushed to the wall by the Zoros and fight back with fury. There are other options including involving the city inspections or health branches or arbitration through the Residential Tenancy Office. Read on for further insight into extracting your pound of flesh through legal avenues.

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This site is dedicated to helping the victims -- or rather tenants -- of Zoro-owned residential dwellings.


Building Manager
Over the past month we've had a new Building Maintenance Manager move into 1075 Jervis Street. It's a welcome addition to the usual state of neglect here at Zoro Manor yet you may well wonder how long it will last.  In the dozen or so years that I've been in the building there have been maybe three or four live-in managers.  Many were good, some not, but none of them lasted.  Perhaps we've had a live-in manager for a total of one year during this time.  At any rate the new manager has already driven off the noisy Mexicans and ruffled a few feathers by over-egregiously patrolling the parking areas.  He can be contacted as follows:

Building Maintenance Manager:

Richard Flynn
Suite #504 - 1075 Jervis Street