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Friday, 18 August 2006

When I signed my rental agreement it was with a company called Kam Par Management Ltd. Subsequently the name was changed to Zoro Holdings Ltd., then to Berkley Management Ltd. There are a number of different other aliases in circulation, all controlled by the Mehta Family.

  • Kam Par Management Ltd.
  • Zoro Holdings Ltd.
  • Berkley Management Ltd.
  • Highview Management
  • Van City Management
  • Rockwell Development Inc,Ltd,Corp
  • Pacific West Property Management [604-633-2334]
  • Sumi Holdings

Members of this family are known to systematically victimize their tenants in a variety of ways and this website is dedicated to assisting those victims fight the Mehta family through whatever means legally possible. Knowledge is power. If you have information about this please post a comment below.

Adopting different corporate aliases can be useful in order to present a moving target in the case of litigation or vis-à-vis various arms of the government. For example, from time to time one city or another will revoke the business license of a particularly nasty business. In such a case it's convenient to just transfer the real estate holdings into a different company and apply for a license under that name.

Aliases can also be a useful way of causing confusion when tenants begin action through the Residential Tenancy Branch against members of the Mehta Family. If you put the wrong name on the document then the case will be thrown out and you have to start over again.

Perry Mehta has used this ruse effectively over and over again. A tenant in Suite 703 was told by Perry that his name was actually Barry. Because of that the case was thrown out but the tenant refiled with the correct information, and got his damage deposit back.

You may use the name of particular Mehta Family members in any litigation but you must always use the name of the company with which you have signed a rental agreement. If the name of the company on your rental agreement is different from the name of the company on your receipts or other documentation then use both company names on any official documents such as those required by the Residential Tenancy Branch.

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