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Friday, 18 August 2006

If 1075 Jervis Street is anything to go by, Zoro buildings tend to have water supply that is undependable at the best of times. If you are experiencing an inadequate supply of either hot or cold water on the regular ongoing basis then you have a legitimate complaint which the City of Vancouver will investigate. Other cities where Zoro buildings are located also maintain by law enforcement procedures that can ensure a swift resolution to your issue.

City of Vancouver by-laws specify that:


16.1 (1) All plumbing, including plumbing fixtures, drains, vents, waterpipes, water closets and connecting lines to the water and sewer systems, shall be maintained in good working order and repair, free from leaks or other defects and protected from freezing.

16.1 (2) Every hand basin and bathtub, shower and sink shall have an adequate supply of hot and cold running water and every water closet shall have an adequate supply of running water. Hot water shall be supplied at a minimum temperature of 120EF (49EC) and a maximum of 140EF (60EC).

The key word here is adequate. Clearly having hot water that is sometimes hot, sometimes warm, sometimes cool, sometimes cold and sometimes not on at all is hardly adequate.

Involving the city is an important step in collecting evidence to make a rent rollback claim against the property owners through the provincial Residential Tenancy Office. If you have been paying rent but not been receiving adequate services then you can request a retroactive rent reduction. Documentation from city inspectors goes a long way toward satisfying the evidence requirements of the arbitration process.

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