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Friday, 18 August 2006

The Mehta Family has residential realty holdings in

  • Vancouver [1075 Jervis Street] Described by CBC News Anchor Tony Parsons as "a building plagued with mold and disrepair" [December 16, 2011].
  • Burnaby [Villa Del Mar - 6630 Telford Avenue near Metrotown]
  • Burnaby [Walker Manor - 6875 Walker Avenue near Middlegate]
  • Maple Ridge
  • Victoria [Westgate Gardens (Sumi "Sue Me" Holdings) 405 Catherine Victoria, BC]
  • Campbell River [Hillcrest Apartments; 645 - 9th Avenue; Campbell River, BC]
  • Prince George [Victoria Towers]

Contact me by a private message if you would like to add other Zoro properties, including addresses and legal names, here to the list.

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