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Damage Deposits
Friday, 18 August 2006
Let's put it this way: You will be lucky if you get your damage deposit back when dealing with any of the Zoro companies. You will probably have to endure a lengthy and frustrating battle in order to achieve that result. Veterans of those battles please share your own experiences by adding a comment below.

In British Columbia the landlord must give you your deposit back within 15 days of the end of your tenancy. This is the law.

The landlord cannot keep any part of your damage deposit [a.k.a. security deposit/pet deposit] for any reason unless you agree in writing or unless he gets an arbitrator's order specifically authorizing him to do so. The landlord CANNOT simply decide to keep the deposit because he thinks you broke something or didn't clean up. The landlord must prove such allegations or return the money. This is the law.

The bottom line is: if 15 days is already passed then he has to give you your money back with interest.  If he doesn't return your deposit you can file for arbitration at the Residential Tenancy Office.  The process is simple and you will probably win.  Your chances of winning are better if you did a walk around with the landlord on the day that you moved in.
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