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Barbequed Tenants?
Monday, 28 August 2006


The Vancouver fire department dropped by today to take stock of the deplorable conditions of stairwells and fire doors at Zoro Manor.  There should be no doubt where the heads-up came from.  Yesterday I did an informal survey of the firedoors. Out of a total of 20 doors that I looked at 13 did not close automatically, completely or securely. Several of these life-saving doors were actually propped open and one, as you'll see from the attached picture, is still hanging off its hinges.

Management of 1075 Jervis has been ordered in the past to make these doors secure but obviously the sanctions and follow-up inspections are wholly inadequate to achieve compliance.  The City of Vancouver has by-laws in place mandating functioning firedoors for a reason.  Such a state of disrepair represents considerable hazard to the rent-paying tenants at 1075 Jervis.

Of further interest to the fire inspector was the exit corridor adjacent to the laundry room which is blocked by building materials and dryer exhaust conduits.  In my faxes to both the fire department and city inspections office I further noted a dried puddle of urine in the south stairwell landing on the seventh floor.

The fire inspector will be back in a week or so to see if further sanctions will be necessary to achieve compliance on these and other key safety infractions. Stay Tuned....

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