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Bench Warrent Issued for Arrest of Reggie Mehta
Monday, 12 December 2011

The Mehta's are back in the news again. This time the slumlords were featured on the CBC Radio program "DayBreak North" [December 12, 2011] in connection with a fire that gutted a Mehta-owned property in Prince George called Victoria Towers. Like an episode of "Where in the World is Reggie Mehta" the news clip, streamed below for your enjoyment, chronicles efforts of intrepid CBC reporters, displaced tenants, and even the Sheriff's office in Vancouver to locate one particular slumlord on the lam. That's right, a warrant for the arrest of Reggie Mehta has been issued as a result of a completely unrelated tenant complaint. If you know where little Reginald is, be sure to alert the Sheriff's office or call 911 immediately.

Play the audio clip below to hear all.

The following links to the CBC website contain background on the Victoria Towers fire in Prince George:

Victim shows off damage to Victoria Towers

Interview with CBC researcher

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