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Saturday, 04 February 2006
The Mark of Zoro
Pen kicks sword, big time, every time...

Zoro Holdings Ltd.

What could be more appropriate than a masked bandit for the moniker of landlord Perry Mehta? Perhaps this is why he chose the name Zoro Holdings Ltd. to hide his various residential holdings behind.

Well at this site we unmask the bandit and his little gang of banditos. How can you help?

If you have ever lived at 1075 Jervis Street in Vancouver or at one of the other apartment buildings owned by the Mehta Family and their various holding companies then you can help by sharing what you know about their operations.

Visit the links on the main menu to find out more.

If you are thinking about moving into one of these buildings you could be about to make one of the biggest mistakes of your life. Live under a bridge, in a park or anywhere else. Anything would be better than one of these tenements.


This site is dedicated to helping the victims -- or rather tenants -- of Zoro-owned residential dwellings.


Zoro Makes Headlines

Zoro Makes Headlines 

Did you catch us on TV this week? Slumlord Zoro -- the website -- was used by CityTV as part of corroborating evidence of a pattern of neglect on the part of management at Zoro Holdings Ltd. this past Tuesday [June 27, 2006].

The story was about another Zoro property where fire broke out revealing a large-scale marijuana cultivation operation. Whether Zoro management is directly implicated in the drug grow op remains to be seen. At the very least Zoro, if claiming to be unaware that six suites had been converted to greenhouses, is negligent from both an insurance point of view and from the perspective of tenants who received water and smoke damage from the fire. By law, landlords are required to be cognizant at all times of any and all activities going on in their premises.

For victims of the fire you can easily win compensation through the arbitration process at the provincial Residential Tenancy Office.

The sensational blaze made headlines in all major newspapers and was covered by all major broadcast media in the lower mainland. Yours truly appeared both Tuesday and in a follow-up segment on Wednesday in coverage by CityTV investigative reporter Leigh Morrow. In addition to covering the fire and subsequent discovery of a massive marijuana grow op, Morrow compared the pattern of neglect in the Burnaby apartment complex with evidence of gross neglect in other Zoro properties: namely 1075 Jervis St in Vancouver. Both tenements were contrasted with the palatial residence of the Mehta family.

While the Mehta's clumsily ducked the reporter's attempts to elicit comments about both the fire and the deplorable state of Zoro rental buildings Morrow camped it up for the camera, illustrating that even at the Mehta family residence the doorbell didn't seem to work.

Morrow is planning on exploring further dimensions to the pattern of neglect at Zoro Holdings Ltd. Anyone wishing to contribute their own horror story should contact us through this website directly.

Here's what some of the other Lower Mainland media had to say about the burning grow op:

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