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Saturday, 04 February 2006
The Mark of Zoro
Pen kicks sword, big time, every time...

Zoro Holdings Ltd.

What could be more appropriate than a masked bandit for the moniker of landlord Perry Mehta? Perhaps this is why he chose the name Zoro Holdings Ltd. to hide his various residential holdings behind.

Well at this site we unmask the bandit and his little gang of banditos. How can you help?

If you have ever lived at 1075 Jervis Street in Vancouver or at one of the other apartment buildings owned by the Mehta Family and their various holding companies then you can help by sharing what you know about their operations.

Visit the links on the main menu to find out more.

If you are thinking about moving into one of these buildings you could be about to make one of the biggest mistakes of your life. Live under a bridge, in a park or anywhere else. Anything would be better than one of these tenements.


This site is dedicated to helping the victims -- or rather tenants -- of Zoro-owned residential dwellings.



Some of you have asked about the picture across the top of the site so I thought I'd try to describe it.

Every winter for just about as long as I can remember the wind driven rain blows in from the east and gradually penetrates the edifice of 1075 Jervis. Within a day or two the rainwater migrates across the ceiling and starts dripping into our living space. The City of Vancouver  bylaw enforcement branch and the provincial Residential Tenancy Office have both ordered the repair of this leaky exterior.

The Zoros have had numerous -- over seven -- contractors in to look at the problem and have obviously concluded that it's too expensive to repair. Or rather it's easier to just evict the current tenants [this issue even predates us and we've been living here for more than a decade.]

Once in a while the Zoros replaster the ceiling and spread around a few daubs of paint -- certainly not annnually -- but every year the ceiling bubbles up with modern-day stalactites and we place out the myriad buckets and cans to catch the drips. It's a ritual. Anyway, that's what you see at the top of this page: bubbled up, rusty, corroded, ceiling plaster. Because it's too expensive to fix the Zoros are currently trying to evict us. That way they can start fresh, squeeze a few months out of new tenants before exasperation forces them out too. The only problem with that scenario: we won't move out.  September 5th [2006] we go to arbitration.